Gospel Proclaiming: We value the Gospel – the best news in the world that Jesus (the historical crucified Nazarene) Christ (the promised King) is Lord (divine ruler & judge of all) and Saviour (who came to earth as King, died for our sins, has risen to rule & will one day return to judge).  So we are committed to proclaiming this good news to All Nations.

Community Transforming: We value Community.  The gospel transforms entire communities of people from All Nations.  So we are committed to being a diverse transformed community the world longs for & a community where people can belong & hear the best news ever.

Bible Teaching:  We value the Bible.  God speaks through His Word in the Bible.  So we want to keep the Bible the heart of everything we do at All Nations by faithfully teaching the Bible so people grow to become mature disciples.

Ministry Training: We value Ministry that serves the church & the community.  So we are committed to training every person to use their gift & training future generations of leaders & gospel workers.

Mission Sending: We value Mission that grows God’s Kingdom.  So we are committed to sending out mature & trained disciples to our community, city, country & world through prayer, support & bold new church planting initiatives.