Getting involved

What’s the plan?

This initiative began in January 2020. Here is brief timeline of what we’ve done and where we are going.

January – April 2020: Connect & Recruit

We moved into the area in January 2020. We began to get to know the neighbourhood and started building relationships with people. From February, we began spending a month at each of the four partnership churches with the aim of recruiting a core team. This was in person initially and then virtually over lockdown.

May – August 2020: Gather & Build

We have continued to recruit and gather a core team from our partnership churches and then launched our prospective core team meetings on zoom every Tuesday with the aim of building this team. We’ve been hearing from God’s Word, deepening relationships with one another, brainstorming, planning, training and praying together. We launched MeetWithANCBC on You Tube and social media in July and will do a mass flyer campaign introducing our new church to the community.

September – December 2020: Train & Go

Depending on how restrictions lift, we are planning to meet on Sunday afternoons, which will consist of a meal, getting into God’s Word, brainstorming, planning, training and praying. The aim would be to enable us to grow to a launch team so we can go and launch a public Sunday gathering sometime in the New Year, with a number of midweek ministries to engage our community.

Who is this church for?

We welcome people from all nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. For those looking for community and belonging. For those wanting to explore the christian faith further. For christians who may have moved into the area looking for a church.

If that is you…please get in touch with us – we would love to meet you.