Getting involved

What’s the plan?

This initiative begins in January 2020. Here is a timeline of what we will be doing in the first few months…

Jan 2020: Connect

Rick and Esther moved into the area, just off Clayhall Avenue on Friday 10th January 2020. Since then they have began to get to know the area better and started to build relationships with neighbours and other contacts.

Feb – May 2020: Recruit

From February, the plan is to spend a month in each of the four partnership churches with the aim of recruiting a core team. At the end of each month, we will meet with those considering joining and talk more about the plans. Our monthly 2020 Vision Prayer Meetings will continue.

June – Sept 2020: Gather

We will begin fortnightly meetings in the Raja’s home on Sunday afternoons consisting of a meal, getting into God’s Word, brainstorming, planning and praying. By God’s grace, we pray the Lord would grow this to a launch team to enable us to ‘soft launch’ in a public venue for September 2020. We plan to establish 2 regular mid-week home groups.

Who can be involved?

Christians who love the Lord Jesus, who are passionate about sharing their faith with others and who are up for a challenge!

If that is you…please get in touch with us so we can meet and discuss how you can become a member of our core team.

Why plant a church here?

  • A culturally and ethnically diverse area but spiritually poor
  • A limited number of gospel centred churches
  • An overwhelming desire to make Jesus known
  • An obedience to Jesus’ command to “make disciples of all nations”.