Visit to Grove Hill Evangelical Church

We visited Grove Hill Evangelical church today. They are one of our four partner churches. It was their 135th Birthday – a joy to celebrate God’s faithfulness to them over this period. It was also an opportunity for us to look forwards and talk about the new church plant. We were interviewed in the service to enable people to get to know us. Rick preached on 1 Cor 3v5-15, showing people that it is God alone who grows and builds his church and delights to use us as his co-workers, so we should plant, water and trust him for the growth and build wisely. The church celebration lunch was an opportunity for us as a family to get to know people better, to talk about the vision for the plant and to encourage individuals and families to pray, give and consider joining us for the project. It was an encouraging day for us and for them and we pray our partnership will continue to strengthen over the coming year.

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